To truly succeed with your product or service, within your category or industry, an effective public relations platform is a key component. Strategic, creative, smartly used public relations efforts can mean the difference between sure recognition and anonymity, between achieving your business potential and losing credibility. As cost-effective investments for your marketing go, a dependable and intelligent PR plan is crucial – whether through an outside agency or serviced internally.


CCC offers a public relations executive formerly with P&G – tap into their expertise and know-how.

  • Learn how to evaluate your current PR efforts and leverage them against your competition
  • Improve internal, external and networking capabilities
  • Measure and analyze the quality of your media coverage
  • Recommend specific improvements that will impact your bottom line
  • Evaluate and help select a PR agency that will improve your media coverage, corporate reputation and plan effectiveness
  • Implement a crisis and issues management plan, for both internal and external matters

CCC Experts


Bill Dobson »
External Relations Executive