When it comes to marketing, we are true knowledge experts. We know your consumers, understand how they think and what they want – our consultants previous roles at P&G were spent focusing, researching and changing consumer attitudes and aptitudes guarantee this. CCC consultants can provide the strategic consulting, leadership and coaching to take your business up a notch – whether with a total new marketing game plan or one targeted facet of it.


Few companies have in-house media experts, relying on agencies or media-buying services that cost of millions of dollars. CCC offers objective, expert consultations on media planning and buying strategies – ensuring that your media investment is truly one well spent.


  • Assess and evaluate the performance or selection of a media buying or planning agency
  • Identify, define and prioritize significant media opportunities
  • Evaluate structure, personnel and processes of your current media operations
  • Develop and implement media plans to meet – and exceed – marketing objectives

CCC Experts

Lynne Boles »
Marketing and Communications Executive


Henneke Cats »
Strategist and Global Brand Expert


Daniel Epstein »
Marketer, Innovator and Brand Strategist


Rad Ewing »
Marketing Expert and Innovator


Bernhard Glock »
Global Media Executive


Ute Hagen »
International Brand Builder and Consumer Strategy Expert


James Haskett »
Global Brand Builder and Marketing Strategist


Joe Hensler »
Marketing and Global Training Leader

Jeff Stern

Marketing Strategist and Capability Builder


Tara Khoury »
Marketing, Organizational and Matrix Leader


Nancy Swanson

Corporate Executive/Non-Profit Leader


Norm Levy »
Brand Distinctiveness Leader


Leonora Polonsky »
Brand Strategist and Brand Building Capability Expert


Vickie Adkinson

Strategist, Brand Builder, Marketing Expert


Rick June »
Sales Management, Business Development & Joint Ventures/Acquisitions Executive