A wealth of widely distributed knowledge exists within today’s global economy – knowledge that your business should be tapping into and using to your advantage, either to advance your own company’s success or to leverage your unused insights to expand the market’s. Better known as Open Innovation, this paradigm proves that you can’t afford to rely solely on your internal research and concepting, but should instead leverage outside ideas and innovations – licenses or patents from other sources can be a valuable instrument for your success. Procter & Gamble is a known leader in Open Innovation, so our team of former P&G OI consultants has the hands-on expertise to assess your OI needs and develop a successful strategy.

Open Innovation

We’ll create an innovation-based business strategy for your business to help you develop valuable asymmetrical relationships.

  • Nearly 100% of needed innovation exists outside your company, much within small and medium enterprises
  • Connect and work with major companies, academia, individual inventors, technology brokers and companies of all sizes
  • Internal innovation is costly, while external can save time, money and resources as well as increase success rates and reduce risks
  • Use as a key business-building opportunity – you many have assets valuable to other companies
  • Requires internal commitment, but often leads to unexpected connections and significant return

OI Strategies and Execution

We can evaluate and improve all aspects of the OI process – from idea generation to consumer needs understanding to marketplace delivery. Then we’ll advise you on how to implement, or simply do it for you.

  • Starting OI – learn objectives, strategy, organization, culture, systems, training
  • Advising – find external innovation, make contacts, manage confidentiality, negotiate deals and maintain them
  • Leading – we’ll lead specific projects for you, either in their entirety or targeted sections, to complete the OI transaction
  • Training – learn where to look, how to advertise, how to manage contacts and deals, how to maintain relationships
  • Value – identity value from your innovation practice, prepare for sale, license, auctions, offers, closing transactions, transfers
  • Facilitate – we understand the needs of all parties through efficient and clear communication, whether between large corporations or small, private contributors

Product Innovation

Whether you’re bringing a new product to market or making changes to an existing one, CCC has the R&D, Manufacturing, Marketing, Sales, Finance, and General Management expertise to help. Our experts have personally brought dozens of new ideas to market, in many cases creating the process that guides this work all the way from the “fuzzy front-end” to launch.

Commercial Innovation

A new concept with huge ROI, Commercial Innovation identifies and then exploits underleveraged brand attributes. These latent assets deliver huge returns as they drive significant sales lifts with little to no capital expense, and can go from the drawing board to the marketplace in a fraction of the time it takes a new brand or product to begin delivering sales.


CCC’s experts literally invented this concept within Procter & Gamble and are prepared to help you get the most out of your existing brand portfolio.

CCC Experts

Carol Berning »
Breakthrough Consumer Understanding Developer


Daniel Epstein »
Marketer, Innovator and Brand Strategist


Susan Mackey »
Market Research Strategy and Evaluation Specialist


Jennifer Otto »
Consumer and Market Insights Strategist


Leonora Polonsky »
Brand Strategist

Ed Kruszynski
EVP, Health & Dental Care

Joan Szkutak »
R&D, Marketing and Product Innovation Expert


Debra Fuqua Walling »
Consumer Specialist


Harry Coleman »
Open Innovation Strategy and Management Expert


Mary Jensen »
R&D Innovation and Organizational Design Specialist


Mike Jensen »
Open Innovation and Startups Leader