In today’s world, addressing organizational challenges is a necessity toward building more productive and capable organizations. CCC’s Senior Consultants have the “hands-on” experience to help your company address those needs. Our consultant’s previous experience at P&G in their HR roles includes every phase of HR work, including:


  • Clarifying Company Direction and Priorities – CCC will work with your managers to assess the Company’s Goals and help you align your staff to meet those needs.
  • Executive Coaching – we will work directly with your C Level managers to provide training and coaching on handling all HR situations.
  • Career Development – Employees who are working in roles they like and have a defined career path in mind increase organizational productivity. CCC will help your managers design a productive and satisfying career development path for your employees – allowing employees to contribute to their full potential and feel satisfied in their roles.
  • Organizational Structure – CCC will help you define the right Organizational Structure to get the most from your employees and optimize costs.
  • Merges and Acquisitions – if your company is merging with another company or acquiring another company, we can help you define the areas of need/overlap and how to reorganize the organization to meet the needs of the business and optimize your costs.
  • Downsizing – CCC Senior Consultants have been through this experience a number of times and are ready to share their knowledge and help you identify the best way to downsize an organization and minimize employee discontent.

CCC Experts

John Carney »
Executive Coach, HR & Sales Training Executive


Ryan Collins

Supply Network, OPS Value Stream and Human Resources Executive


Rich Delcore »
Human Resources and Global Finance Expert