CCC’s team of management consultants brings to bear their decades of former P&G real-world expertise when it comes to improving business performance. The sheer volume of our past exposure to various industries ensures that we are ahead of the curve on industry best practices. Is your company functioning effectively? Do you need operational improvement? Management training? Coaching skills? With an objective and experienced outlook, we’re eager to help you analyze any existing business problems, recommend improvements and develop plans for change – so your company can be more efficient and more effective.

Strategic Audits and Turnarounds

We offer multifunctional strategic audits of a company’s total business – which includes a review of company strategy and all key business units and functional areas – or a targeted audit of specific areas and individual business divisions, such as marketing, sales, supply chain, R&D, HR, IT and finance.

  • Assess and evaluate operations, using qualitative and quantitative resources
  • Identify and prioritize significant opportunities where a change in process, approach or personnel would have meaningful impact on results and ROI
  • Assist in implementing new plans, working closely with you to ensure required changes are executed optimally
  • Follow up at designated review intervals, to fine-tune or make adjustments

Strategic Planning

CCC employs the same successful Objective/Goals/Strategies/Measures (OGSM) strategic planning and deployment process that our consultants experienced in their roles at P&G over the past 20+ years.

  • Identify the goals and strategies that are critical to your current and future business success
  • Articulate the OGSM and align your entire company – business units, management staff and each employee
  • Ensure your OGSM delivers superior results, both for the short-term and long-term

Emerging Markets

When it comes to providing expert consulting on how to win in emerging markets, our team of consultants has “been there” and “done that.”

  • Ensure you have the right balance and transition plan for emerging markets organizations
  • Utilize local knowledge experts and expats to optimize revenue and profit growth
  • Ensure appropriately strong controls and corporate governance are in place to protect assets and personnel
  • Develop and execute the right marketing, sales and distribution plans to optimize emerging markets

CCC Experts

Dean Butler »
Managing and Expanding Businesses Expert


Frank Caccamo »
Business Transformation and Organizational Structure Executive


Joe Cucci »
Sales & Customer Business Development


Mike Jensen »
Open Innovation and Startups Leader


Jim Lafferty »
Marketing, Sales and General Management Professional


Tom Meyer »
TQM and Brand Management Expert


Rick June »
Sales Management, Business Development & Joint Ventures/Acquisitions Executive


Mike Malenfant »
Sales, Shopper-Based Processes and Business Strategy Executive


Tara Khoury »
Marketing, Organizational and Matrix Leader


Rich Delcore »
Human Resources and Global Finance Expert