Recognized experts on market research and consumer knowledge are the gold standard you expect from former P&G executives. Now, CCC offers you that expertise – to improve your success with new products, offer new ideas to determine market potential, uncover new attitudes, find important emotional responses, design research programs and more.


  • Discover potential target customers through consumer segmentation
  • Uncover unmet consumer needs in your category
  • Develop effective new brand positioning or reposition an established brand
  • Develop recruiting and skill programs for market research professionals
  • Provide training on using market research to ensure collected data is used effectively
  • Uncover significant, undiscovered consumer attitudes using data and calculators
  • Present proven processes for recruiting, developing and managing a successful market research program

Strategic Audits and Turnarounds

We offer multifunctional strategic audits of a company’s total business – which includes a review of company strategy and all key business units and functional areas – or a targeted audit of specific areas and individual business divisions, such as marketing, sales, supply chain, R&D, HR, IT and finance.

  • Habit Formation – help consumers create habits relative to your product/category
  • Increased Consumption – build your business through increased use of your product
  • Ethnographic Research – design, execute and analyze ethnographic research to obtain deep, business-building insights
  • Qualitative Research – breakthrough methods used to reveal true consumer reactions, perceptions and understanding
  • Research Training – courses offered to build researchers’ skills and glean deeper insights
  • Concept Development – identify the most appealing positioning for new or improved products/ideas

CCC Experts

Jennifer Otto »
Consumer and Market Insights Strategist


Carol Berning »
Breakthrough Consumer Understanding Developer


Jim Pustinger
eCommerce, Category Management and Shopper Innovation


Ed Kruszynski
EVP, Health & Dental Care

Debra Fuqua Walling »
Consumer Insights and Understanding Specialist


Mary Jensen »
R&D Innovation and Organizational Design Specialist


Joan Szkutak »
R&D, Marketing & Product Innovation Expert