Do you know the principles and key factors of successful category and brand management? We do. If your brand is suffering, or worse, is simply slowly fading away, we can help you build it back up – even better than before.

  • Recruit, train and develop outstanding brand/product managers
  • Create strategies for strengthening your brand
  • Explore tactics for protecting your brand franchise

CCC Experts

Brad Lang

Innovation & Brand Building Strategic Leader

Rich Delcore »
Human Resources & Global Finance Executive

Rad Ewing »
Marketing Expert and Innovator

Ute Hagen »
International Brand Builder & Consumer Strategy Expert

Vickie Adkinson

Strategist, Brand Builder, Marketing Expert

James Haskett »
Global Brand Builder and Marketing Strategist

Cindy Tripp

Design Thinking and Strategy Expert

Leonora Polonsky »
Brand Strategist and Brand Building Capability Expert

Marci Sapers »
Marketing Training and Career Path Specialist

Margaret Swallow »
Innovation, Strategy and Marketing Trainer and Expert Facilitator