Rad was a marketing guru and innovator at P&G for 33 years. In recognition of his wide-ranging contributions, he was awarded the first P&G Lifetime Achievement Award. Rad was also the highest rated marketing trainer at P&G, and was an active strategy and marketing consultant with all of P&G’s billion dollar brands, both at the global level and in all geographic regions.

Consulting Expertise

  • Brand Building – Principles, tools and process to move from the outmoded “mass marketing model” to a highly effective Consumer Is Boss approach.
  • Shopper Marketing – Principles, tools and organizational structure to move manufacturer relationship with retailers from tactical and price oriented to a more strategic, demand creation level.
  • New Products – Principles, tools and process to dramatically improve NPV, ROI and success rate.
  • Principles and Best Practices for Identifying Actionable and Productive Target Audiences, both for the overall brand and sub-targets. This includes best practices in using segmentation to identify targets, and qualitative and quantitative research to make targets actionable.
  • Principles and Tools for Moving From Tactical Short-Term Promotion/Incentive-Oriented Marketing to Equity/Franchise Building Activities.
  • Success Principles and Best Practices on the following marketing devices: sampling, promotion, coupons, defenses against a competitor, direct marketing, multi-brand marketing, and alliances.
  • Success Principles and Best Practices in Building Trial and Loyalty On A Brand, and On-Line Extensions and New Brands.


2006 Marketing Director, Global Marketing, Procter & Gamble
2002 Marketing Director, North America Marketing Development Organization, Procter & Gamble
1997 Director, U.S. Marketing Services, Procter & Gamble
1980-92 Marketing and brand manager roles, Procter & Gamble


MBA, Harvard University

BS/MS, Engineering, Ohio State University