Jennifer Otto


Jennifer Otto is a retired senior executive from the Procter & Gamble Company, with expertise in creating consumer and retail understanding that drives strategic choices and executional plans. As Vice President of Consumer & Market Knowledge (CMK), she most recently led the Global Beauty, Grooming, and Personal Care businesses, creating customer-centric insights that drove development of superior products, compelling marketing programs, and winning in-store designs. Her contributions to P&G’s growth over 27 years were driven by a simple principle: “Discover what your consumers and retailers really want, and then find a way to give it to them.”

Consulting Expertise

  • Customer-Led Business Strategy – Set high-level direction for a business based on market trends, future sources of growth, consumer demand and unmet needs, retailers’ strategic focus areas, and your company’s core business and organizational competencies. Establish clear choices for what your business will (and will not) support, and drive strategic choices into all elements of a business’ work panning and operating systems.
  • Consumer Targeting & Marketing Strategy – Identify consumers who are disproportionately likely to buy your products, profile who they are and why/where/how they buy, and create messaging and media plans which ensure your consumers are compelled. Identify new types of consumers who represent incremental purchasers and new sources of growth.
  • Retail & Channel Growth Strategy – Create differentiated plans for winning in a range of channels based on understanding shopping patterns and channel drivers. Develop detailed plans for winning with specific retailers given their shoppers’ buying habits, demographics, value needs, and product preferences.
  • Product Innovation Planning – Discover unmet consumer needs and wants, signals to efficacy, aesthetic and usage “delight” factors, and new product forms which can guide product development priorities and resource allocations. Seamlessly integrate innovation strategies with overall business strategies.
  • Global Expansion – Understand country-level consumer and retail environments, success drivers, business imperatives, and barriers to entry when planning geographic expansions. Leverage scale across geographies to create truly global businesses.
  • New Business / Portfolio Opportunities – Develop new-to-the-world products which can re-define or disrupt current categories. Identify product adjacencies, new consumer needs, or innovative business models which can deliver a company’s next major business increase.
  • Market Research & Consumer Insights – Design immersive experiences which deepen a company’s knowledge about consumers, shoppers, and retailers, and which instill a culture of customer-based business operations. Discover unique, specific insights which serve as the inspiration for product, marketing, and sales ideas, and deepen an organization’s capability to be customer-driven.


2012-Pres Consumer & Market Knowledge Expert, The Cincinnati Consulting Consortium
2008-2012 Vice President, Global Beauty, Grooming & Personal Care CMK, Procter & Gamble
2005-2007 Vice President, North America CMK, Procter & Gamble
2002-2004 Director, Global Health & Pet Care, CMK
1999-2001 Director, Global Oral Care CMK & Marketing, Procter & Gamble
1985-1998 Supervisor to Associate Director – Food & Beverage Products; Soap, Household Cleaner & Laundry Products; Baby Products (CMK and Marketing), Procter & Gamble


  • United Way Campaign Leader
  • Community Outreach Deacon and Director of Strategic Planning, Sycamore Presbyterian Church
  • Board of Directors, Greater Cincinnati Oral Health Council
  • American Red Cross
  • Board of Directors, Maximum Freedom, Inc.


MBA (Marketing Concentration) and BA (Business Psychology) , Miami University