Bryan Radtke



Bryan is a classically trained Procter & Gamble marketing veteran at the intersection of Brand, Innovation & Digital Commerce. His passion is helping brands maximize potential through brand building, digital business model & commerce development, and an unrelenting focus on what’s next. In recent years, Bryan’s expertise has been leading brands to plan, adapt and thrive in a modern digital-first marketplace. Bryan has consulted with household names like M&Ms, Snickers, Ford Motor Company, and Nutro Pet Care, as well as dozens of startups…$1B to $100K and everything in between.

Core Knowledge

  • Brand & Digital Marketing– the modern digital & mobile-first environment requires brands to develop a completely new toolkit for reaching and winning customers. Bryan has developed unique frameworks to help brands build and prioritize based on specific needs & objectives.
  • Digital Business Transformation– Bryan has a track record of creating actionable strategies in digital transformation, business model innovation, and category creation.  Through expertise developed as Co-Founder of the Brandery, Bryan can provide companies unique insight in thinking like a startup and digital native brand.
  • Digital Retail & Commerce– as Senior Vice President at Rockfish Digital, Bryan helped build Rockfish into the largest CPG Amazon consultancy for Fortune 500 brands. Bryan is considered an expert in developing winning “search-first” Amazon growth strategies that translate to all digital marketplaces, including a brand’s owned properties.

Skills & Abilities

Innovation thought leadership & planning, Digital commerce, Marketing ecosystems, Brand building & value proposition, Strategic brand development, Digital business model de, sign, Shopper marketing, Innovation roadmapping, Startups, Consumer insights and strategy, Business planning & fundamentals

Leadership Characteristics

  • Data Driven — brands & businesses obsessed in leveraging data most productively have the ultimate competitive advantage
  • Pragmatic – practical & results driven, constantly in tune with what the consumer and marketplace are saying
  • Strategy First – a clear and concise path to achieving objectives equals success

Professional Experience

PRESENT Cincinnati Consulting Consortium – Digital Brand, Business & Commerce Senior Consultant
2017-2018 Vice President, Brand Development – D2C Brands
2010-2017 Senior Vice President, Business Innovation – Rockfish Digital (now VML Cincinnati)
2008-2010 Brand Manager, Household Care Scale – Procter & Gamble
2006-2010 Brand Manager, Shopper Innovation – Procter & Gamble
2002-2006 Assistant Brand Manager, Beauty Care – Procter & Gamble


  • BA, Northern Kentucky University, Summa Cum Laude, 2002

Leadership Development & Coaching or Associations/Affiliations

  • Co-Founder, Rockfish Digital Cincinnati office, 2010-2017
  • Co-Founder, The Brandery Startup Accelerator, Cincinnati, 2010-present
  • Guest Lecturer, Digital Strategy & Business, Northern Kentucky University, 2009-present
  • Member, Vine Street Ventures, 2012-present
  • Consultant & Seed Investor, Braxton Brewing Company, 2014-present
  • Founder, L+L Brand Ventures, 2018