Bob Hunt



34 years as a Finance Executive with P&G. Bob was P&G’s “guru” in the area of developing sophisticated financial analysis tools and techniques–and training P&G Managers in these techniques to optimize investments in new brands and products.

Consulting Expertise

  • Project Valuation for Brands and Businesses. Reviewed major investment decisions >$10m for Management.
  • Develop Corporate Financial Analysis Policies and Procedures, and standard analysis models for all investment decisions so all businesses use consistent and valid techniques.
  • Develop Production Sourcing Analysis Models and Procedures.
  • Develop and Conduct Financial Analysis Training Programs.
  • Develop Cost of Capital And Country Cost of Capital Tools.
  • Review Major Lease Contracts (Lease vs. Buy Analysis).
  • Develop and/or Qualify for Purchase All Leading Edge Financial Analysis Tools.
  • Develop Tools for Tracking and Analyzing Business Investments for Major Product Initiatives and Acquisitions.


2002 Associate Director, Investment Analysis, P&G


  • Madeira City School Board, 1982-1994; 10 years as President or Vice President


BS, Economics; Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania