Bernhard Glock

Global Media and Consumer/Direct Marketing Executive

Betsy Stivers

Strategic Planning, Manufacturing & Supply Chain Expert

Bill Dobson

External Relations and Crisis Management/Prevention Expert

Billy Dawson

Senior Consultant - Supply Chain Leader & Innovation Management

Bob Hunt

Investment Analysis Expert

Brad Lang

Innovation & Brand Building Strategic Advisor

Bruce Peters

Sales Process and Design Expert

Bruce Stirling

Purchasing Expert

Bryan Radtke

Digital Brand, Business & Commerce Expert

Carl Fraik

Supply Chain, Innovation & Organization Change Executive

Carol K. Berning

Breakthrough Consumer Understanding Developer

Cindy Tripp

Design Thinking and Strategy Expert

Daniel Epstein

Marketer, Innovator and Brand Strategist

Dean Butler

Managing and Expanding Businesses Expert

Debra Fuqua Walling

Consumer Insights and Understanding Specialist

Don Sarge

Information Technology Leader

Doreen Bayliff

Growth Architect & Pivotal Change Leader

Ed Kruszynski

EVP Health & Dental Care

Frank Caccamo

Business Transformation and Organizational Structure Executive

Geoff Smith

Business Transformation and Organizational Structure Executive

Gerry Preece

Purchasing/Procurement Expert and Sourcing Trainer/Coach

Harry Coleman

Open Innovation Strategy & Management Expert

James Haskett

Global Brand Builder and Marketing Strategist

Jeffrey Fenter

Technology & Business Leader Executive

Jenni Pustinger

Strategy, Marketing and Product Innovation Executive

Jennifer Otto

Consumer and Market Insights Strategist

Jim Lafferty

Marketing, Sales and General Management Professional

Jim Pustinger

eCommerce, Category Management and Shopper Innovation

Joan Szkutak

R&D, Marketing and Product Innovation Expert

Joe Doner

Supply Chain and Production Site Optimization Leader

Joe Hensler

Marketing & Global Training Leader

Joe Quinn

eBusiness Expert

John Carney

Executive Coach, HR & Sales Training Executive

John Mang

International P/L, Marketing, Innovation Executive

Judd W. Weis

Global Innovation, Sales and Marketing Executive

K.C. Kendall

Purchasing and Supplier Relations Leader

Kelly King

Operations, Supply Chain Executive

Ken Wunderlich

Senior Consultant, Corporate Finance, Strategic Planning, and M&A

Kip Knight

Marketing Strategist and Social Media Guru

Lee Thibodeau

Marketer, Knowledge Management and Web Development Specialist

Leonora Polonsky

Brand Strategist and Brand Building Capability Expert

Lisa Papa

Global Innovation Capability and R&D Leader

Lucy Davila Soto

Supply Chain Professional

Lynne Boles

Marketing & Communications Executive

Marci Sapers

Marketing Training and Career Path Specialist

Marcus LaiFook

Supply Chain Expert

Margaret Swallow

Innovation, Strategy and Marketing Trainer and Expert Facilitator

Maria Edelson

Sales Strategy and Deployment Expert

Mary Jensen

R&D Innovation and Organizational Design Specialist

Michael Bacha

Senior Consultant, Supply Chain & Innovation Management

Mike Bucher

Product Development, Operations and Delivery Executive

Mike Jackson, CEC, CMA

Sales Strategy and Business Development Executive Certified Executive Coach (CEC) & Certified Management Accountant (CMA)

Mike Jensen

Open Innovation and Startups Leader

Mike Malenfant

Sales, Shopper-Based Processes, and Business Strategy Executive

Nancy Swanson

Corporate Executive/Non-Profit Leader

Preston Bowles

Strategy, Branding, Organizational Revitalization Expert

Rad Ewing

Marketing Guru and Innovator

Rich DelCore

Branded Entertainment and Finance Specialist

Rick June

Sales Management, Business Development & Joint Ventures/Acquisitions Executive

Ron Juenger

Leadership Coaching and "Hands On" Organizational Specialist

Ryan Collins

Supply Network, OPS Value Stream and Human Resources Executive

Selina Yoon

Proven Brand Builder, Innovator, Strategic Problem Solver & Entrepreneur

Steve Rogers

Purchasing and Strategic Sourcing Expert

Ted Newton

Supply Chain Business Optimization and IT Expert

Tim Biehle

Shared Services Financial Specialist

Tim Gibler

Executive Vice President, CCC Finance Practice Leader

Tom Meyer

TQM and Brand Management Expert

Tom Moscato

Dental Healthcare Strategic Planning and Go-to-Market Expert

Tom Torre

Global Supply Chain Executive

Ute Hagen

International Brand Builder and Consumer Strategy Expert

Vickie Adkinson

Strategist, Brand Builder, Marketing Expert

Vince Dong

Senior Consultant - Product Innovation, Program Management, and Supply Chain Operations

Walter Geiger

Global General Manager/CEO: Builder of Brands, Innovation and Winning Teams

Wayne Galloway

Go-To-Market and Sales Organizational Specialist

William (Bill) Beckham, III

Consumer Products Finance Executive

Wilson Velez

Global End-to-End Supply Chain Management Executive